Do you want to enhance your app with AR/VR

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What is AR and VR?

Augmented Reality is a technology that overlays the digital world on top of the real world.


Virtual Reality allows you to leave the real world and completely immerse yourself in a simulated one.


Build Hope

Got a crazy idea that can help the world with COVID19?
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AR/VR are completely new paradigms

AR by A.R. consultants want to help you as you take your first steps in this direction.

2D v. 3D

Designing for the 3D world instead of the 2D screens of our smartphones requires a very different approach.

Learn from the past

Designers made lots of mistakes trying to move from the Desktop paradigm to the Tablet. Don't repeat them.

Save time and money

We've been there and done that and we'll save you months of frustrations and wasted hard work.


From buttons to text input, to the way you interact with your device, everything has to be carefully rethought.

Good Design

Good design can be subtle, but it's the difference between 'meh' and one that your users rave about to friends and keep coming back.


Good design take usability very seriously. Your product should be incredibly simple no matter who picks it up.

Good design evokes trust

You can see that a lot of time and thought went into it which makes you trust it more.

Stand out

Can you remember those apps or products that just pulled you in from the first moment? That's good design.

All brilliant ideas are usually crazy...
Let's help you make some really crazy ones

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How we work with you

Step one

You have a crazy, brilliant idea.

Step two

We set up an initial call so we can understand the problem and solution you are proposing.

Step three

Depending on your preference, we work with you from design concept to product maturity.

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The Future Is Here

Augmented Reality is the new dimension in building a dynamic future. AR bridges the gap between brands and consumers and opens up new ways of communication and engagement.

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